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HSP Update, October 2012

It’s been almost two years since I first released the HTML5 Starter Pack and, boy, have things changed since then! A lot of new stuff went into this latest release, and a lot of stuff got thrown out.
Be sure to check out more detailed descriptions on the pack’s very own (newly designed) page.

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So, what’s new

As I said, a lot of stuff’s new. The last update had a bunch of useless markup in the html file. That got thrown out real quick. Instead, now you’ll just find some basic structure to get you going. Nothing too set in stone, of course.

I focused a lot on the <head> area. Things like humans.txt and <> have become a widely recognized standard so it just makes sense to try and push people into using them.

Paul Irish’s box-sizing fix has its honor role well set in there. It’s a simple technique that has proven itself time and time again. If you’re not using it, well, you should.

I’ve stripped the old head media queries for more practical and faster queries, straight into the main stylesheet. Breakpoints are obviously something you should be adjusting according to each project.

I’m a very, very big fan of icon fonts. There’s nothing bad I can possibly say about them and in trying to push more people to use them, I’ve included the wonderful Modern Pictograms by The Design Office.

There’s very little in terms of IE stuff, as opposed to previous pack releases. This time, you’ll only find the “render-me-better” meta tag and an ie8.css file. No one in their right mind should support IE6 or IE7 anymore. It’s 2012, people! Get with the program!

This latest release also marks a change in update policy for the HTML5 Starter Pack. Releases will be more incremental, each with its respective blog post and must-have social buzz. No more once-a-year updates.

Well, I hope you all find the new update useful. See you in the comments!

Cheers, all!

4 Comments so far

  1. ION says:

    How about outline none? Chrome is the only one using it :P
    input:focus, select:focus, textarea:focus{ otuline: none; }

  2. Teh Author says:

    Outline shouldn’t be defined from the start, that’s a choice, it should be there and it should be styled.

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