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HSP Update, November 2012

The latest update for the Starter Pack comes in the form of a new reset!
The good Iain MacDonald wrote a very fine post about it on his website and seeing as he based the reset on Eric Meyer’s classic chunk of code as well as a tiny bit of my old reset, I was intrigued. After reading the whole thing twice I just jumped to integrate it in the Starter Pack. The reason for that rash, impulsive decision is not so impulsive, actually. The whole point of the Starter Pack is to give people a tool that is considerate to *their* needs and Iain’s wonderful reset stays true to that creed.
It’s incredibly balanced in what it resets and how and I very much like that he addresses issues with mobiles but without going so much into mobile details that it becomes a mobile reset.

The changes have already been added to the Starter Pack archive and, of course, you can download the latest version over nya:
Get the Starter Pack

Cheers, all!

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